International Worker’s Day violence

It must be in their nature to be violent:


Great. Just great. I work at what is essentially “ground zero” in Seattle. These communist and socialist scum don’t help their cause with me any by doing this.


5 thoughts on “International Worker’s Day violence

  1. I have removed a lot of rocks from around our area that could be used as breaking-and-entry tools…but these types are invested in violence, that’s why they want guns removed so their bullying strength-in-numbers will prevail.

  2. Communists by definition deny human rights, and so they are by definition violent. QED.

  3. Regardless of who is doing what I sure hope the court appointed monitors are in town this week and closely observing how the local peace officers comported themselves. Frankly I’m hoping that they caught some of the pepper spray or pyrotechnics (I’m not sure that they were accuratly described when the media called them “flash bangs”). What made it onto TV didn’t show much restraint or selective escalation of calculated force. SPD is far from the worst police force in the country but they have plenty of room for improvment and it appears that it is going to happen due to the scrutiny of a federal judge.

    • Indeed. None of the violent rioters seem to have died.

  4. They need to be taught one of Slovotsky’s Laws: “Don’t throw rocks at guys with guns.”

    And it’s companion: “Don’t stand next to guys who throw rocks at guys with guns.”

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