Biden’s brain cell still lonely

Vice President Biden keeps demonstrating his profound ignorance and stupidity:

Biden also suggested that [Newtown school shooter] might have been killed sooner had he had to spend more time reloading.

“Think about Newtown,” Biden said. “Think about how many of these children or teachers may be alive today had he had to reload three times as many times as he did.”

The transcript of that speech doesn’t report anything about Biden saying the shooter was killed by police so Washington Post blogger Aaron Blake may be solely responsible for that sentence. In the transcript Biden does claim the police responded in two and a half minutes. That is probably false unless you want to claim one or more cars having started to move in the direction of the school qualifies as “responded.”

The shooter started his attack at about 9:35 AM and stopped about 9:46 AM to 9:49 AM after firing 152 rounds. See also this report.

The shooter killed himself at least 10 minutes after beginning his attack. Some reports have it as police arriving 20 minutes after the attack started. I have also used this number but recent reports indicate it was significantly less that that. Biden is either purposely ignorant and/or stupid if he thinks what he said is true. And even if it was true two and a half minutes is enough time to fire a lot more than 152 rounds even with 10 round magazines.

Reloading an AR-15 takes a bit longer than it does for my STI Eagle but I got 40 rounds on target in 16.8 seconds which included three reloads and clearing a malfunction:

Extrapolating to 152 rounds and you get 63.8 seconds for trigger time and magazine changes. When shooting dozens of passive “targets” the thing that takes the most time is the target transition and acquisition. This includes moving to a new position to view the next target and getting an appropriate sight picture. It’s not the trigger or reload time which can frequently be done in parallel with the target transition and acquisition.

Even if the police did arrive two and half minutes after receiving the first call the number of magazines required simply doesn’t matter. Many of the magazines he used were dropped after firing only 15 of the 30 rounds they contained. If he had been required to use 15 magazines instead of the approximately 10 that would have only added another, at most, 15 seconds. And that assumes he wasn’t doing something else at the time he made the magazine changes such as moving to a new shooting location. If he was doing the magazine changes in parallel with moving it could be that it would have made zero difference in time.

I can only conclude Biden’s brain cell is still lonely and/or he is deliberately attempting to deceive the public.


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  1. It’s about confiscation. They have no plan to create resonable laws that would have made a difference. In 10 minutes you could shoot 150 rounds from a single shot bolt action rifle.

  2. I think that he is laboring under the misconception that reloads are when people will be able to rush and overpower the killer, as happened with the Giffords shooting. The problem with that theory is that in Newtown, the shooter was carrying multiple weapons, and the option of a NewYork reload was available to him.

  3. “This includes moving to a new position to view the next target and getting an appropriate sight picture. It’s not the trigger or reload time which can frequently be done in parallel with the target transition and acquisition.”

    THIS is the point we need to hammer home. Anti gun people (not politicians) labor under the myth that every pull of the trigger = 1 death when in fact you can unload a fully automatic AK47 into the floor and a few seconds and all you’ll have is laminate splinters and an empty magazine.

    Even spraying a room with an auto isn’t going to end up being a 1 to 1 kill and probably would result with most of the rounds going over the heads of the victims and those that hit have less chance of hitting center mass / critical areas since they’re not aimed.

    Alas, I preach to the choir…

  4. The reality of the Newtown shooting is that three months later the public STILL DOES NOT KNOW what really happened there because the police report has not been released. Not even the autopsy reports has been released in spite of FOIA requests for it.Was a rifle used or just pistols? A simple picture of the expened brass would have answered that question months ago.

    This whole issue still has many more unanswerd questions then answered ones…

  5. As I recall, Newtown, which is in Connecticut, already had a 10 round limit, and the shooter in fact had 10 round magazines. That certainly was the case at Columbine.

  6. Useful idiots like Biden are a treasure to the Progressives. Their idiotic, nonsensical and contradictory statements serve to keep us off-kilter. Distracted, and they help keep the low information voter confused and afraid. It’s win win.

    To redirect for a bit; I’ve never used an indoor range, and I plan not to if I can help it. There is an awful lot of brass on the floor there. Is your brass a complete write-off, or is there some way to recover it? How could you know which brass is yours, so you could keep a tally on how many times it’s been reloaded or what loads it’s fired? One place I shoot is in tall grass and so my recovery rate can be as low as 10 or 15 percent if I’m not careful. That indoor scenario doesn’t seem like it would be much better.

  7. According to a cop who attended a talk by the police who are investigating the shooting, the shooter dropped his mag between rooms and put a full mag in the gun before entering another classroom. They attribute this to his extensive FPS game collection. Somewhere on the web is a post on this, but I can’t remember where I found it. Sorry.
    Also, turns out he was planning this type of shooting for YEARS. Spreadsheet that was 4 feet wide, and seven feet long, detailing his research on the subject. Guess mom wasn’t paying much attention to the kid. Typical, these days. Hell of a price to pay, for bad child-rearing.
    Also, it was mentioned that a lot of the first responders have since quit their jobs.

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  9. Just read an article on antique rifles. During military trials in the late 1800’s shooters were able to get off 19 shots per minute with a single shot Springfield trapdoor, and 21 shots with the Remington rolling block. Of course, they were the assault rifles of their day.

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