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It’s nothing more than the alpha bitch baring her teeth and growling at us. She doesn’t want to ban guns. She wants us to submit, to roll over and show our throat and our belly. She wants submission. She wants to be acknowledged as higher status than us.

But you know what makes them come after us again and again? What really pisses them off? What keeps this issue coming back over and over again when any other political issue would be debated, legislated, victory won or lost and then forgotten?

We fight back. We refuse to submit. We refuse to show our belly. We refuse to show submission. We will not surrender. We will not submit. Maybe we lose, and retreat to lick our wounds, but we come back later even stronger than before, and every time that alpha bitch looks away from her nice, comfy top of the pack status, we’re there to steal her food and challenge all over again.

It’s all a status display, and we will not submit.

That’s why they are gun bigots. Bigotry is the ultimate status display.

February 27, 2013
Comment to More on that Canton police freak-out.
[TriggerFinger is explaining why anti-gun politicians don’t care that their laws don’t make sense and are ineffective at doing anything more than making us mad.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—TriggerFinger

  1. That’s beautifully written and really hits the mark. It is true. I just cringe at this bit; “…we’re there to steal her food and challenge all over again.”

    Yes and no. Authoritarians do behave very much like a pack of dogs, though I hope that we are better than this, that we would be above the animal mentality of the pecking order. It’s absolutely true that most of human society consists of bullies and cowards, cowards being bullied only to become bullies themselves as they find their place in the chain of command within the pack, each doing unto others as was done unto them.

    Careful, when you steal that bitch’s food, that you don’t become the next bitch. That’s all.

    And I agree, whether it was meant specifically or not; Obama, Biden et al are bitches. They certainly aren’t men. Their manhood has been beaten out of them, and now they’re just pissed off, resentful bitches (doing unto others as was done unto them).

    • It strikes me that Obama, in particular, has been pampered and groomed for royalty his entire adult life, and a goodly portion of his youth. Whether he retains his “manhood” is sort of immaterial to this discussion.

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