One thought on “Quote of the day—Sealabian

  1. Well sure; anyone who favors liberty must be considered highly defective. Penis size would be the least of our problems though.

    Surely those on the left would be ever so compassionate toward anyone with a mere physical defect. That’s what they always tell us anyway. Maybe they’ve changed their minds. They’ve never stopped calling us faggots either, and as an insult even.

    All of the left’s “compassion” and “tolerance” is of course merely a front to cover up for the white-hot hatred, steeped in envy, that is the foundation of the entire ideology. But we knew that a long time ago.

    So I gotta question for y’all. Do we properly counter emotion (the lack of reason) with emotion (the lack of reason), or do we counter emotion with reason? I know that, the way I asked the question, you’d all answer “reason” but that’s not what we find when we look around at the landscape. Or do we not really counter (react) at all? Who’s in charge of this conversation?

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