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I think it is probably much simpler. Some antis are at ease lying through their teeth about an “assault weapon” being full auto, they’ll lump suicides together with homicides to try to inflate statistics, they’ll lie about what the laws currently are, they’ll lie about the our motivations, they’ll lie about the effects gun control will have, etc…

That they include ad hominen attacks in their repertoire is no surprise. They do it for the same reason they lie : because it often works.

February 23, 2012
Comment to An explanation for Markley’s Law.
[While I can believe, nay I know, this is true for some of them I think more commonly the reason is they have found themselves cornered. In their desperation they think themselves clever to make a jab at their opponent’s expense. It changes the subject and can put their opponent on the defensive.

Still, the bottom line is the same. It often works.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—milquetoast

  1. But isn’t that one of the definitions of Propaganda: Telling a Lie over and over until people start to believe it’s the Truth?

    Which also reveals the true Agenda of those “Gun Safety Advocates”: Control the Message, Control the People.

  2. But wait; what’s wrong with full auto? Maybe the antis are concerned that we’re wasting ammo? Contributing to global warming? We’re using more ammo, thereby depriving others of that ammo? Depleting Mother Earth’s metal resources? But it all goes back into the ground. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s the increase in noise pollution, and in that case we can fix it by removing all restrictions on sound suppressors.

    Hey I saw a good one lately. Some jackass TV crime drama series. They showed a guy being attacked by someone using an MP5. Very obvious full auto, perfect rhythm, high rate of fire, no question whatsoever. Then they referred to it, very pointedly, as a semi auto. Liars can be very, very clever. These people are good.

    And to that I say again; semi auto, full auto, they’re all “arms” people, as mentioned in the second amendment, and if ANYONE has any use for them, the People have first dibs.

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