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I can easily buy a hand gun or a rifle without restriction. It is absurd that someone like me could ever have access to such dangerous weapons.

January 19, 2013
Comment to Please Take Away My Right to a Gun
[Many people have said something to the effect, “They want to take other’s people’s guns away because they believe other people are the same as they are.” I never really expected to find someone who admitted that.—Joe]


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  2. If dude really is from Sonoma, CA, II’d hardly call that “w/o restriction.” From what I can find, all private purchases must go thru a dealer. For handguns, everything is registered by the state, and one must have a “Handgun Safety Certificate” to play. Even then, you are limited to one/month. As for carry, calguns isn’t impressed with their issue rate. I doubt this dude has even tried to get a gun.

  3. Here’s a thought; I won’t push to have his/her access to whatever her/his pill of the day is – if he/she keeps her/his depressed mouth off my second amendment right(s).

  4. It appears that my definition of “easily buy … without restriction” is more than a little different.

  5. While Button writes well, her argument is based on a false premise (that gun ownership is too dangerous for her). Would she have us believe that where she lives all residences and commercial buildings are subterranean, that there are no bridges or towers and that she has no access to either a motor vehicle or even a traveled road or railway?

    Either critical thinking isn’t her forte or something else is going on here.

  6. Button’s argument is so persuasive that there should be similar regulations on the purchase and consumption of alcohol. More bad events have occurred because of the presence and use of alcohol in the last 100 years than because of the presence of firearms.
    Oh, but the drinking classes dislike Prohibition and take every opportunity to say it won’t work for alcohol or drugs, but will somehow magically work for tobacco and firearms.

  7. Sendarius, indeed, when their definition of easily buy is something on the order of “still occurs somewhere for someone.”
    I’m willing to bet money that the people who believe that also believe that performing an act necessary to visit a nightclub is too onerous when exercising a privilege of citizenship mentioned in the constitution, i.e. voting.

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