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This will start a war in the US. Urban liberals simply do not realize that much of this country loves its guns as much as the liberals hate them.

January 9, 2013
Comment to New York Is Moving Quickly to Enact Tough Curbs on Guns
[Not if just a few states do what NY claims to be doing. If the Feds do it, yeah, I could see things heating up to extremely uncomfortable levels.—Joe]


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  1. Not sure, Joe. Let’s say Cuomo gets his way. First they’ll be the Ban. But that would imply that they have to get the Guns out of the hands of the Owner. What use is Banning Something if you leave it in place? But then they might not do Confiscation by Force. They might just get their Gun Ownership list and arrest people at Work, School, etc, THEN enter the Home to get the Guns while the Formally Lawful Gun Permit Owner is already in Jail. Safer for them, but eventually they’ll have to use Deadly Force. But it could work in the early days.

    So that might work for a few times, but eventually the Word would get out, and then what? If Obama tries to make it a Federal Action, he would lose the element of Surprise. And I’m sure he doesn’t have enough Troops and Cops to hit every Home that refuses to “Comply with Rational Commonsense Gun Control.” And how many Troops and Cops would go along?

    I’ve said this before. Obama and his Cronies really don’t have a sense of just how many Citizens there are who refuse to be Sheep. And if they think that they can make their Marxist Fantasy come to Life, they are REALLY not playing with a Full Deck.

    And then, Finally, they’ll get the Consequences of THEIR Actions if they are so Stupid.

    • I think people in the individual states would quietly move the banned items out of state or into PVC pipes in the woods before they would defend them with deadly force.

      If the Feds get involved then we are back to where I said things could heat up.

    • FIrstly, you suggested tactics (arrest at wok etc) will work only in the short term.

      Secondly, folks will not strike against superior force. What will happen is that some folks will be raided, make a stand, and die.

      Shortly after that folks get wise. The policeman will get shot not confiscating guns, but in the car park at school as he drops his son off, or as he opens the door to the fedex man (who isn’t really the fedex man).

      Or he gets a 911 call to a car accident. As he steps out of the car a shot rings out from a deer rifle and he is dead. Turns out the car accident was staged.

      His kids get warnings from a stranger at the Mall that their father is a dead man. His wife is told to prepare her husbands funeral by an anonymous phone call.

      Note the same applies to the Drone Pilot, or whatever government entity is part of the confiscations.

      That is the way it went down with ETA in Spain and with the IRA and its various offshoots in Ireland. It will be the same here, in the end if things go that way.

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  3. I don’t “love” my guns anymore than I “love” my screwdrivers. If someone, however, tries to take my guns they will discover that I care *more* about my guns then I do about them continuing to breathe — and that I’ll put considerable effort into seeing to it that they don’t. Take my guns *or* continue to breathe, that is.

  4. A whole lot of us are vets and geezers.
    At the tail end of our lives….we got nothing to lose, and maybe something to gain.
    Bring it.

  5. Confiscation would never work in this country. There are too many guns and too many angry gun owners.

    I think you guys are going to see an end to private sales (gun show loophole).

  6. Bubblehead, I can’t help but Emphasize in my Head every Word that you Capitalize.

    It makes for a strange sort of cadence.

  7. Couple of maps to check out, interesting thing about them, the majority of the deaths occur in places that lean heavily towards the “Blue” team… Seems like those usefull idiots should clean up their enclaves first and then leave the rest of us alone… we are not the problem.

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