Quote of the day–Jack Dunning

As far as I’m concerned, you have about as much right carrying a gun around in your purse, or pocket, or whatever, as does one of my cats.

Jack Dunning
September 1, 2011
Comment to Another shooting death in Arizona: Gun legislation continue to fail.
[And there were people who, as far as they were concerned, insisted that people of different skin color had no right to marry either.

There is a reason this nation was intended to be a nation of laws and guaranteed rights, and not the preferences of whoever the current bigots in power happened to be. And we are much better off for it.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Jack Dunning

  1. If you can train a cat to carry a purse, I’ll buy the pistol to go in it.

    Besides, how is that cat going to fire it? No thumbs. Otherwise my cat would have murdered me in my sleep years ago.

  2. So he agreed to expand the 2nd amendment to cover cats. How noble of him. How does he feel about dogs? Or are they 2nd class pets to him. That sound very prejudice to me.

  3. Well, Lord T, isn’t the idea that non-human animals deserve rights equal in all ways to those of human animals the whole point of the “animal rights” movement?

  4. The bigger issue here is that his cats have purses. I don’t think first amendment freedoms should include people who have cats with purses, let alone people who have cats with purses that have firearms in them*.

    *Except the Kalashnikitty.

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