Headaches and sex

Barron reported on sex and female headaches. Apparently some scientist investigated something Dr. Joe and others have known for a long time. Sex is a cure for headaches.

There is some interesting information in their study. Apparently during orgasm parts of the brain shut down and inhibitions decrease. I pretty sure nearly every sexually active adult is well aware of the loss of inhibitions during sexual arousal and orgasm. And as for the brain shutting down… La petite mort.

The only new information here is that scientist did the scans and verified what we already were aware of.


5 thoughts on “Headaches and sex

  1. Now the next time your wife or girlfriend says I have a headache you can respond “well let’s get busy getting rid of it.”.

  2. It works as a cure for menstrual cramps, too.
    I’m waiting for research on its effectiveness against PMS, although by that time the feminists may wake up and decide that whoever is sponsoring these studies is secretly skewing the results, which is what the leftists are doing with gun safety and global warming studies that are inconveniently contrary to their statist goals.

  3. For every rule there are exceptions. If I have a headache, sex always makes it worse. I attribute it to increased blood pressure, or pulse rate.

  4. “Apparently during orgasm parts of the brain shut down and inhibitions decrease.”

    Mine shuts down well ahead of time. Usually at the sound of a zipper.

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