Quote of the day—Fabio Periera

This is a tragedy, both that 80 lives were lost & that right-wing gun nuts exist worldwide.

Fabio Periera
July 23, 2011
Saved from the memory hole by Linoge.
[One has to wonder how Periera would like to remedy the problem of that existence. Certainly others had and implemented effective government programs for that sort of problem. And it is because of the existence of people like Periera that I have Boomershoot.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Fabio Periera

  1. Even my parents, who are not big on either guns or right-wing gun nuts, don’t have a problem with it as long as they don’t go off and start shooting people.

  2. I thought Boomershoot was open to anyone who liked to shoot, not just right-wing gun nuts…

  3. @ubu52, Correct it is open to anyone. My “evil plan” is to enable everyone the power to defend against a government intent on solving the “existence problem” regardless of their political, religious, sexual, or racial persuasion.

  4. Part of this Tragedy is the fact Norway does have Strict Anti-Gun Laws, so that the so-called “Right Wing Gun Nuts” wouldn’t be able to pull this off. But I guess Fabio thinks “Left Wing Gun Nuts” are Okay, huh? Guess Oslo proves that all Anti-Gun Legislation does is disarms the Good Guys so that the Goblins can Feed on them w/o Fear. Nothing against Boomershoot, of course, but a ordinary CCW Holder with some good training could have stopped the Oslo Massacre with a J-Frame and determination.

  5. Thanks for the linkage! Predictably enough, my post has been labeled as “hate” by the person who wants millions of people dead.

    Cannot say as though I grasp his position…

  6. Maybe for Europe, the guy WAS right wing. The entire political spectrum, from “Extreme Right” to “Extreme Left” in Europe, runs from Fascist to Communist, and eeeeverything in between. The concept of liberty as we know it simply does not register over there. It is meaningless, which is why they think we’re stupid, crazy and dangerous– We’re advocating meaninglessness and we’re willing to fight for it.

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