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Murder was pretty much nonexistent until the righties came along.

June 6, 2011
Forum post on the topic, “Your stance on gun control…
[I’m not really surprised at the existence of lies and absurd claims by liberals anymore. But those lies reach depths that do amaze me. Another example from this same guy, “Republicans were pro-slavery during the Civil War while the Democrats were anti-slavery. Just remember that.” I guess he doesn’t remember and is unable to look up the political party of President Lincoln.—Joe]


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  1. The first claim, about the right wing inventing murder, is exactly the kind of thing I would say if I were trolling as a pretend lefty. I’ve claimed, for example, that the United States invented war, sexism, and slavery — with ancient Greece as an example of a utopian pre-American society with none of those things.

    Five bucks says this guy is laughing at his own bullshit even harder than you are. Liberals believe a lot of stupid shit, but very, very, very few of them are that stupid. However, many of them exaggerate insanely with a straight face — that’s why I’m only betting five bucks, not ten.

  2. While they are in Wikipedia, you should have them look up the political party of the KKK.

  3. To be fair, lefties by nature believe that words mean what they say they mean at whatever moment they decide to define those words.

    The violent gang wars in the public housing aren’t murders they’re “Victims of Society”, and just because those people voted for Obama and any other politician promising a handout they aren’t “Lefties”.

    The mass murders buy Marxist and Fascist Regimes aren’t murder they’re “Political Prisoners” and “Re-Education Camps”…oh and Just because Hitler was all about seizing the big corporations and redistributing wealth and power to the poor working class, doesn’t make him a leftie…he’s practically a republican because…well just because.

    skipping back a bit more the fossilized human remains that are likely murder victims…well obviously the killer was a Paleo-Republican, or something.

  4. They get away with it because Progressive/Leftist thought caters to Marx’s “useful idiots.”
    “The blind leading the stupid” as it were, or maybe “The stupid leading the willfully blind.”

  5. But of course everyone is overlooking the obvious accuracy of his statement:

    Murder *was* pretty much nonexistent until the righties came along…(because before that the lefties didn’t have any targets for their violence.)

  6. I think Phssthpok has it. The Republican Party then, was founded when Cain killed Able. Cain would have been the first Marxist/Progressive/Communist and Able the first “righty”.

  7. “Everyone knows that Adam and Eve were the first Democrats.”

    Unable to follow instructions from God, lied about it, and got kicked out of paradise? Sounds about par for the course.

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