Logical Contradiction

NRCC Chairman, Pete Sessions, just sent out a letter.  First sentence;

While House Republicans are working hard to return our country to economic prosperity and strengthen and secure Medicare…

Let me see if can put this into perspective.  While House Republicans are working hard to run our economy for us (because we’re too stupid and/or evil to do it ourselves) and to try, once again, to make socialism viable.  ETS; Or are they working hard to free the economy so it can work, AND trying to make socialism viable?  They don’t say.  That’s about how I read it.


7 thoughts on “Logical Contradiction

  1. What Republicans are in the White House? The cleaning staff? And how on earth are they able to do ANYTHING?

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  3. HA! Guess I need to get those damn cheater glasses now. Sorry, Joe.

  4. “They’re working hard to convince you to vote for them.”

    I wouldn’t think that uttering nonsense would be the way to do it, but what do I know? Either they’re stupid or they think We The People are stupid, or both. In any case it doesn’t bode well.

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