Quote of the day—General Nuisance

His dress as a 20’s Chicago Gangster is probably for a Halloween party so I suspect strongly the gun is a toy.  You can’t see the muzzle in this view, but if it is a toy the muzzle would be molded from an orange colored plastic.

You guys on the left should be flattered.  D’cruz is dressed like some of your president’s strongest supporters, gangsters and Chicago thugs.

General Nuisance
December 21, 2010
Comment in the thread NRA…What Were They Thinking?
[This reminds me of a comment many years ago by Alan Gottleib, “We have sometimes joked that because of the high number of criminals in his district Chuck Schumer was just voting to protect his constituents.”—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—General Nuisance

  1. It is a halloween costume. What I didn’t get was whether the gun was a toy, but because I don’t really give a crap whether it is or not, I didn’t ask. It’s not like he has it pointed in an unsafe direction.

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