Quote of the day—Frank R. Lautenberg

I remain focused on common-sense reforms that everyone, regardless of party, should be able to agree on. My legislation to close the Terror Gap and the gun show loophole would keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and strengthen our homeland security. These are safety measures that even NRA members overwhelmingly support, and they should move through Congress with bipartisan support.

Frank R. Lautenberg
October 12, 2010
‘Gun Ban Obama?’ Not So Much, Say Gun Control Advocates
[As much as anti-rights advocates claim there is no viable threat to our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms they still have powerful supporters.

The only way they can “close the gun show loophole” is by enabling gun owner registration. This would be done by requiring every firearm transaction to go through NICS. NICS could be modified with incredible ease, if it hasn’t already been enabled, to keep a permanent record of all people who purchase a firearm and the number of firearms purchased. This is just as unacceptable as the registration of all homosexuals, Jews, or people in interracial marriages.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Frank R. Lautenberg

  1. I think control nuts like Lautenburg in some ways have a more pragmatic view of gun culture then many of us in it. For a lot of gunnies gun shows are a fun place to check out a few times a year but for Lautenburg and in the larger aggregate for US gun shows are basically the social focus of our community. That weekend show is the nexus of gun culture. And they provide a platform for people who want to push back on controlnuttery. Their leadership can connect with political power and persuade people of things like the importance of voting.

    And that is the real reason that Lautenburg and his ilk portray shows so unrealistically. For the first time in 9 or so years I’m -not- an official of one of those shows so finally I can claim no bias 😉 we HAVE to get people like Lautenburg out of power. It’s not just about gun shows, though that would be enough reason. It is not enough to turn them back each year as they find new ways to phrase the same old bad policy drives. We have to remove their talons from the chest of our political power so we can focus on making the law -better- (that and have some time to go to the range with our new noise suppressed firearms 😉


  2. But we all know they don’t get rid of those sales records at all. So really there already is a registration system set up. Haven’t the feds already admitted that they keep records of all NICS records on permanent record? Sure they destroy the initial record but the law doesn’t say anything about the photocopies they make.

  3. Let’s make it perfectly clear that registering firearms owners and their weapons will only have an effect on people who already follow the rules. Safety will not be improved, nor will crime be abated.


  4. From where I sit (Massachusetts) this is already real. FID is Owner registration, LTC is owner registration, form FA10 (sale or out of state transfer of firearm) for in gun registration. The state not only knows who but what they have. This is broken already.

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