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Microsoft has released two of the ads for Windows Phone 7. I saw preliminary versions of them (and others) about a month ago. Most are pretty good. One has a little bit of what is known in our family as “Scott family humor” (my wife’s side of the family). I don’t like it but I included it anyway.

You will be seeing a lot of these ads soon. Microsoft is making a really big deal out of this phone and I think it is justified. I’m more proud of this work than anything I have done professionally for 15 years.

When I have shown the phone the speech function (particularly in conjunction with search on maps) has most impressed people (it’s working much better than when I was demoing it at the NRA convention):

See more Windows Phone 7 videos here.

Full disclosure: I work for Microsoft on Windows Phone 7.


10 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 ads

  1. I know you don’t have anything to do with the ads, but how exactly is the Windows 7 Phone supposed save us?

    Wouldn’t people be staring at it just as much?

  2. The issue will be made more clear in later ads. I think this set it to just be a teaser and get more interest in the phone.

    The point will be that you can do things more quickly that with other phones. How you spend that time is up to you. Will you just do more stuff? Or will you give the woman in the lingerie next to your bed more attention?

  3. Okay sorry to mess up a good happy birthday thread but I watched the last two ad’s again, read alans post and wish to “revise and extend”… that is some -great- marketing. I now wish I’d been at the NRA convention so I could have seen Joe’s demo’s and I say this because -I am that blackberry user-.
    If the voice function actually works (not in the way my flip phones voice dial worked 7 years ago) that would make phones more transparent to use. A friend and I laughed at each other recently when we were in line for the kids at salmon days, needed the kids back and both started tapping on our phones. The little chiclet keys make you look funny and everybody likes good entertainment but whether it’s a dishwasher, a band saw or my phone if I can get the same or better results using less of my time that is a GOOD thing. Not good enough that -my- checkbook can help me out at current price points. But all you early adopters should jump RIGHT on this thing (so Junior checkbook and I can get there sooner 😉

  4. I didn’t even know there was a phone ad, I just kept looking at the woman in the lingerie.

  5. Wait…November 8th release? Great! I’ve been waiting for the release so I can get rid of my Blackberry. I’ve already downloaded the SDK but now I have a specific date to mark on my calendar.

    ps: Love the “Really?” commercial.

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