When Do We Get a Real Contest?

In response to Joe’s recent post here, I want to get this on record;

The communists both here and abroad are becoming increasingly disappointed in Obama because he’s not doing enough to wreck this country fast enough.

In other news; look for the old guard Republicans to embark on a scorched Earth policy as the Teaparty begins to wrest control away from them.  As the Smarter-Than-Thou (Progressive-leaning)  Republicans are forced to retreat in shame, or switch parties in pride, they will attempt to burn the Republican Party and loot its treasuries.  We may now have the rich entertainment of watching the communists’ and the capitalists’ final disillusionment with their respective parties.  We may get a straight up contest of ideologies yet, in which of course the American Principles of Liberty would win.

The current parties, desperate to maintain power, will do everything possible to avoid such honesty.

I recently heard a communist radio talk show host calling, hysterically of course, for the Dems to get busy with the mud slinging already, and with abandon, ’cause they weren’t taking this contest seriously.  Cool, except that the Republicans have been doing their evil work for them of late.


4 thoughts on “When Do We Get a Real Contest?

  1. For years, Rush Limbaugh has predicted the implosion of the Democrat Party. I still believe that it could happen, and will likely happen…I’m just not sure when it will happen.

    But more recently (the last several years, at least) I’ve been expecting the Republican Party to implode too. While the Democrats will implode because of craziness, the Republicans will implode because of a lack of backbone. If either party would just join the cause of freedom, however, rather than “let’s bribe our constituents when we’re in power, and grow government too!”, they might have a chance of surviving.

  2. For many people, including myself, the choice has been between the two statist wings of the DemoPublican party. I get to choose between the statist (Marxist/Socialist) collectivists, and the statist (Fascist) collectivists. Both of them have a vested interest in ever-increasing government power.

    The Dem-wing wants to control the economy, and to render any notion of a value system obsolete through moral relativism and post-modernist philosophical nonsense. The Rep-wing wants to control almost every aspect of personal life, including what we can ingest and how we copulate.

    They both have the statist interest in government power over individuals, just expressed in minutely different ways.

    I’m coming to the belief that the only way to actually get some degree of freedom once again in this country is to take off and nuke the government from orbit…it’s the only way to be sure.

  3. The problem with predicting an “implosion” is that it doesn’t always happen the in a manner helpful to your cause.

    The Dems and Repubs will both implode if hyperinflation happens, destroying the value of the dollar and bankrupting the social programs because the money they would pay out becomes worthless.

    But as others have said, there isn’t anything wrong with this country that a good depression couldn’t fix.

  4. “The Dems and Repubs will both implode if hyperinflation happens, destroying the value of the dollar and bankrupting the social programs because the money they would pay out becomes worthless.”

    Actually, this is one of the reasons I expect both parties to implode, unfortunately. There are many other reasons, but they aren’t pleasant.

    A couple of years ago, I decided that in a 20-yearish timeframe, we could expect some sort of invasion, or government collapse, or civil war (up to and including the nasty kind, where you need to hide from both sides, and help as many potential victims to hide as well, until everything settles down), and concluded that as many people should be prepared for such things, with both rifle and pistol.

    In the last year or so, I’ve wondered if my 20-yearish timeframe ought to be reduced to five, or even two, and have realized that it may be possible to see all three close together. If so, I’m not nearly as prepared as I’d like! But then, I don’t think most people will be…

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