Quote of the day–Jennifer White

It’s logical. Greater opportunity to obtain a firearm increases risk for women. Additionally, not every abuser has a misdemeanor conviction that will prevent them from acquiring a firearm.

Jennifer White
July 15, 2010
Why Gun Control Laws Are a Feminist IssueThe recent Supreme Court decision that expanded Second Amendment rights has
left feminist groups silent, even though women are more likely to die of gun
violence at the hands of domestic abusers.

[Somehow she completely overlooks the benefits of enabling women to defend themselves with firearms. As usual, people in the comments are explaining things to the writer.

Update: Jeff has some comments too.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Jennifer White

  1. That’s a pretty sexist statement. It assumes guns are just for men (who of course have abusive tendencies).

  2. I just read the comments. Wow! I am very impressed at the quality of some of those responses. Right there, we are winning.

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