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Suppose the gun references were replaced with Jewish symbols and organizations. What would be the future of this artist then? The right to keep and bear arms is a specific enumerated right. Politicians who advocate the infringement of that right violate their oath of office and do not deserve to hold public office. They should be prosecuted under 18 USC 242. Being kicked out of office is being far too kind and sets a poor example.

And, yes, the ejection port is on the wrong side of the pistol.


7 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. There’s an interesting relationship between all of the cartoons. See, there’s this invisible, unproven tele-connection between criminals and “gun owners” that is assumed by disarmers to exist and be understood by the audience. Where the presentation isn’t making a direct, libelous equation between violent criminals and political opponents, disarmers attempt to appeal with emotion and symbolism. Without the imaginary tele-connection, however, the cartoons don’t make any sense. I see either nothing happening, or people who are afraid.

    What’s going on, and why should I be concerned? Why are the people afraid?

  2. Joe, I seem to remember reading about a manufacturer who made left handed pistols (1911s in particular) that were completely reversed. Perhaps the artist is showing in a sneaky way how much he knows about pistols.

    Or maybe the negative was just backwards … or the artist is just an idiot. I don’t know, Occam’s razor probably has to rule the day.

  3. TJP,

    Another common theme, particularly evident in this one, is that there must be some sort of or abnormality or mental defect in those that exercise their specific enumerate right to keep and bear arms. Imagine the consequences if the artist were to imply that about people in interracial marriages or even gay marriages.


    Yes. They exist. But they are very rare. I think the artist was probably just ignorant.

  4. There’s the sexual reference too– guns are a fetish. And the religious reference– we worship the guns themselves. That the artist is also dissing the Ten Commandments could be taken as anti Semitic, since they came to Moses during his travels.

    I think part of what we’re seeing in these cartoons comes from the decades old anti masculinity movement that spun out the leftist takeover of the feminist movement. Any time the left sees some manly man, or something they associate with masculinity, they go bonkers with the penis jokes and other sexual insults, like a gun as a fetish, a nice car or truck as “compensating for something” etc. It’s become a reflexive response, stemming, I believe, from a hatred of strength, honor, and family. Look for it elsewhere and I think you’ll agree. See the movie, American Beauty for example, in which the macho U.S. Marine turns out to have repressed homosexual desires. Dr. Strangelove is another example from way back. This stuff permeates modern pop culture.

  5. Reputo,

    That’s the ejection port? I thought it was a saddle, but I didn’t say anything.

  6. TJP: I’ve noticed the same thing. Much of the anti-gun jokes, in cartoons or elsewhere, are utterly dependent on the reader/listener having exactly the same neurotic outlook as the joker. Since that neurotic outlook is shared by no more than 20% of the American populace–and probably much less–the humor falls flat.

    If a cartoonist makes a joke about, say, Sarah Palin not being a good mother and letting her kids run wild, I will probably literally hate the cartoonist and want to stomp his teeth into the curb, not because I idolize her, but because I have some sense of chivalry–but at least I’ll understand him. If he wants me to laugh at Sarah Palin based on her holding a gun–why would I find that funny, or even remotely unusual?

    It’s like those people who use “gun-totin'” as a pejorative. It has the same “WTF” reaction as if some fundamentalist Mormon from rural Utah were to call someone “coffee-drinkin’.”

  7. I see this cartoon as being a play on the words “American Idol.”

    The cartoon might work well if we replaced “guns” with “food” or “alcohol.” When Obama was running for President, we probably could have replaced the guns with Obama.

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