I didn’t know that

The ATF tried to make the agent who infiltrated the Branch Davidians into a scapegoat. He sued and was awarded near $2.3 million in damages. This was a surprise to me.

It appears the ATF is ethically challenged even when dealing with it’s own people and not just gun owners.

I guess that makes sense. It’s a simple extension of the adage of there being no honor among thieves.


5 thoughts on “I didn’t know that

  1. Lest we forget, many of Janet Reno’s DOJ people are back in the Dept. running the show, such as Holder. Wouldn’t be surprised if BHO and his gang would try to send another “message” to the Right like the Clinton’s did with Waco if they feel threatened with losing Power. Commies usually need to be overthrown by force to get them out of office, don’tcha know.

  2. My sympathy for this guy, who basically initiated a raid against people who were not (as it turned out in court) guilty of anything serious is zero. Just plain zero.

    The ATF exists as an organization that is in the business of regulating, taxing, investigating and enforcing laws against an ennumerated right of the Constitution. Do we have such an organization devoted to regulating and taxing the First Amendment? The Fifth? No? They by what right does the ATF exist?

    Even if you forget their sins in the past, their current sins are plenty enough to raise the issue of removing the “F” from “BATFE”.

  3. Or agent Vince Cefalu. CNN’s Anderson Cooper did a two-part “expose” on his refusal to go along with planting evidence.

    He’s a really nice guy; works in my office building. I’m hoping I can get a picture of him shaking my hand in front of the Boomershoot Wall in my office.

  4. The BATFE should be disbanded immediately. Then the former employees can go out and get more honest jobs, like robbery, extortion, coercion, and petty theft.

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