Quote of the day–Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

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Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
June 9, 2010
[The link used to go to this content. Searching for Helen Thomas on their site still yields the link above but the page has been removed. I wonder why?

Since they seem to have lost the web page I’m pleased to offer it back to them and even host it on my site at no charge.

The Brady Campaign–The 21st Century social equivalent of the KKK.

Update: Their web page about honoring Helen Thomas works again. Sebastian speculates.

If I were in management of an organization that were embarrassed by someone we honored by giving them an award I think I would do just the opposite of what they did. I think I would leave the web page (the Internet is forever once it hits the tubes–you can’t take it back so why try?) but update it with a statement that you were unaware (assuming that is true) of the persons embarrassing beliefs and have revoked the award.

They appear to have tried to just hide the evidence which is the wrong thing to do. Will they do the right thing now? They haven’t in the past. Let’s hope they continue to fumble along and further confirm my claim they are ordinary bigots who are not ashamed of their beliefs and the people they associate with.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

  1. Looks like another form of Reasoned DiscourseTM.
    Congratulations on saving their content for them, Joe. I’m sure they appreciate your kind gesture. With their budget being that of a small town mom & pop store or diner, they probably can’t afford a real IT specialist like you.

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