Quote of the day–JadeGold

So how do you measure a “potential terrorist”?

NRA ballcap or decal.

May 6, 2010
In the comments to Bloomberg on the “Terror Gap”.
[And when 80,000 “potential terrorists” get together this weekend just think of the havoc they will create. And it happens every year. It’s time people realized we can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans to legitimately¬†have freedom of association…


Oh, that’s right, the people at a NRA convention are extremely well behaved. It’s when a dozen or more leftists get together that they frequently riot and/or destroy property. The leftist terrorist organizations (FALN, ALF, ELF, anarchists, revolutionary socialists, etc.) commit far more crimes in this country than all the conservative, right-wing (National Alliance, WCOTC, Aryan Nation), and libertarian (have there any been libertarian terrorist organizations?) organizations combined.


I guess it must be the mental problems of JadeGold causing them to engage in projection.–Joe]


14 thoughts on “Quote of the day–JadeGold

  1. It might have been on that very thread that I complimented JadeGold on his “ball breaking” skills. The only thing funnier than some of his cracks is the seriousness with which the pro-gun folks take them.

  2. I just ignore mikeb. After this post from him I just have him on a internal brain filter. He just merely exposed the fact that he’s a Puritan of the highest order. Not to mention he’s so well known that other readers responded for me.

  3. Worse yet, Mike’s a Narcissist who trolls simply for attention (same with Jadetroll) and by putting up links you simply feed him.

    Its not like he gives two shits about guns or gun laws anyway. He’s an American ex-pat living in Rome. He just likes to see his little counter go up on his blog, or see people give long, detailed rebuttals to his cookie-cutter Joyce talking points.

  4. My link to the comment has a “rel=nofollow” tag in it which the robots take to mean that link should not be indexed.

    Yes, I am feeding the trolls some. But it is also useful to document the mindset of the bigots.

    Yes, it is a trade-off. I might have misjudged the benefits but it was not in complete ignorance that I made the decision to throw them a morsel.

  5. Hell, I’m just surprised to still see Jadegold around after all of this time. I had assumed he had gotten bored of all this.

  6. Technically, every living human being is either a terrorist or a potential terrorist. If say you’re not a potential terrorist, it means you are a terrorist. It’s one or the other. You’re also either a criminal or a potential– one or the other. You’re a musician or a potential musician, a mathematician or a potential mathematician, a plumber or a potential plumber, etc…

  7. No worries Joe. Just a personal stance I have. And I know I feed the troll myself by giving my MikeB302000 elevator speech whenever he pops up. But like you I feel there is some to be gained that new people don’t get fooled to think he gives a damn, and we all have to re-invent the wheel.

    I’ve also had my fair share of troll quotes to show exactly how messed up the other side is.

    So no worries at all.

    As for Jade, somehow he found Mike’s blog and Mike is very happy to massage Jade’s very needy ego, and likes it because somebody can say nasty words to the “gunloons” and MikeB can pretend to be the civil party.

    Trolls, the lot of them. I can’t imagine what they must be like in real life.

  8. The only thing more disgusting than JadeGold’s lies, misdirections, ad hominem attacks, childish insults, petulant martyrdom, cyberstalking, and “outings” of those who dare disagree with him, is that some spineless scumbags actually defend him and his actions.

    And since Lyle beat me to the rest of my comment, I am going to have to jump on the “beat up Joe” train – in my humble little opinion, there is nothing from the author of the quote, or on the webpage where you found it, worth even countering, much less acknowledging, and, historically speaking, doing so has only inspired the both of them to greater depths. But, as you say, you are as aware of that as most of us, so have at it :).

  9. I’m pretty sure that the infamous criminal and rebel Thomas was a seditious terrorist ring leader with libertarian sympathies.

    Thomas Jefferson, that is.

  10. Dang, Newbius beat me to the punch.

    Just the phrase, “libertarian terrorist organization” strikes me as funny:
    “Exercise your freedoms, or we’ll…do nothing! If you still fail to meet our demands, we’ll…ignore you!”

  11. Joe, I think you should stop humoring Weer’d and Linoge. You’re much too intelligent to not find something wrong with their obsession about me. Or, is your policy never to take sides against a fellow gun owner regardless of how twisted they are?

  12. MikeB302000,

    I’m not sure what you are talking about. What have I done that is “humoring” them? And I have met both of them and did not find either of them “twisted” either in person or on-line.

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