Quote of the day–Florence Adams

Guns have only one purpose, to kill. Opposition to gun control is another participation in death.

Florence Adams
December 5, 2009
Recent church activities reminiscent of Inquisition
[It’s possible that in this particular instance this is sarcasm or part of rhetorical question. But it is consistent with a lot of other people and I’m certain nearly all anti-gun people agree with the sentiment.

This means we have a lot of work to do in gaining mind share in some area. The claim above is totally bogus of course but people are not rational and expecting them to be rational is irrational. For the same amount of work it will be far more productive to swing people in the middle to our side. This has the effect of isolating people who believe crap like the above. Isolation will create internal conflicts which will either result in their conversion or further irrational behavior on their part which discredits them. Either way we win.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Florence Adams

  1. Ahhh the “Tho Shall Not Kill” Canard.

    These fools need to read the memos when a canard is blown to shit so maybe we can get some interesting reading.

  2. How do you reach these people? I’m reminded that “You can’t reason a person out of something that reason didn’t convince them of.”

  3. There was a time, not too long ago really, when I simply could not accept that there were people that ignorant in our world – here we are, in a day and age when almost any information we could ever want is literally at our fingertips, and people absolutely insist on remaining uneducated about issues upon which they are willing to expound for hours and megabytes… I was naive enough, at the time, to believe that people like that would eventually start to see more and more facts piling up against them, and understand that their positions were simply incorrect.

    However, after years of dealing with the JadeGolds, MikeB302000s, UBU52s, and others of the internet, I am, of course, forced to admit to the existence of such ignorant individuals… but I cannot help but to continue to be amazed at how militantly they remain ignorant, and, worse yet, want everyone else to be just as ignorant as they are. Protecting one’s fragile bubble of reality (and fragile it must be) I can almost understand, but forcing everyone else to share in your delusions or face punishments? Yeah, that just goes beyond the pale.

    Unfortunately, I fear as though Hank is quite right – there are some people we simply are not going to reach, no matter how many times we show them the facts, the figures, the plain truths… Which means we need to reach those in the middle all the faster. Once everyone can start understanding the problems inherent with the arguments put forward by those who simply do not understand the topics in question (and actively choose to remain so ignorant), we can hopefully start making some positive progress.

  4. The writer might have been sarcastic, but not in any way that makes sense. The premise of her argument is that a religion should be punished for insisting that one of the almighty kennedys adhere to its rules. The secondary non-sequitur on death, abortion, guns or whatever is typical of east coast moonbats. They are the true believers of this crap. At this moment there are four people running for the Saint of Chappaquidick’s senate seat, all of whom are claiming that they are more liberal than the other candidates and the dead kennedy himself. Of course all of them support stronger gun control laws and a reinstatement of the AWB. $Deity save us from massa-bleepin’-chusetts.

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