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You would think that someone who can spend $200 million of his own money to get elected mayor of New York City three times could afford copies of the U.S. Code and the Constitution. Not only does federal law stipulate the specific grounds for denying a person the right to arms, the Fourteenth Amendment states that no one shall be deprived of liberty without due process of law.

And while he is at it, he could buy a copy of another well-known publication, Webster’s Dictionary, and look up the word “obsession.”

November 26, 2009
Bloomberg Uses Ft. Hood Murders To Push Gun Control
Referring to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his probably illegal acts discriminating against gun owners.
[One does have to wonder about his motivation for attacking gun owners. Surely he knows there is no evidence showing firearm restrictions makes people safer. So what is his real reason? Does it further his political career that much? Is it because he can use the issue to get more new coverage and feed some narcissistic tendency?–Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day–NRA-ILA

  1. Maybe Ralphie’s mom from A Christmas Story told him they’d shoot their eye out.

  2. Obsession is certainly not something you guys need to look up. And what about that continual denigrating of guys like Bloomberg, Helmke and Sugarmann, as if they are morally and intellectually inferior to you pro-gun guys? Why do you do that?

  3. mike, when people like you, Bloomberg, and Sugarmann continue to denigrate US by assuming we’re all potential criminals until allowing us to be proven as such,

    then we return the favor in kind.

    I guess “innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t really apply in your fantasy control-freak world where you try and save everyone.

  4. If exposing the lies others make to strip us of our rights an property is an “Obsession” I’ll wear it like a badge of honor.

    Also MikeB as an exposed liar and internet troll, you might be careful of such ironic statements. I mean it makes it all the easier for people like me to call you Stupid, and onlookers have little else to do but nod their heads.

  5. I’m wary of armchair-psychoanalyzing people I’ve never met, because it’s so easy to talk yourself into elaborate explanations and miss the point where your assumptions begin.

    But that said, there’s an analogy with religious doctrine that struck me as interesting recently. Gun controllers seem to see proximity to sin as a sin in itself.

    And Mike, your regular line on this is “why can’t you guys just accept that they really want to diminish gun violence?” Even if we didn’t have long experience with these folks–even if we took them completely at their word–the best that could possibly be said is that they try to “diminish” violence through a completely baseless method that regularly fails at its goal while simultaneously intruding on the rights of law-abiding individuals. This doesn’t call for praise.

  6. Is it “obsessive” to continually and constantly have to respond to the incessant and unending assaults of you and your fellow anti-rights ilk, MikeB302000? If our individual rights to keep and bear our arms, as granted by being human beings, and protected by being American citizens, are repeatedly and almost-daily being attacked by certain anti-rights individuals like yourself, is it “obsessive” to try and defend those rights when they are so attacked? Or is it “obsessive” to be one of the people who irrationally and illogically does the incessant attacking?

    As for denigrating anti-rights advocates like yourself, MikeB302000, you, Bloomberg, Helmke, Sugarman, and so many others of your ilk have a proven and documented history of being bigoted, inveterate liars. By very definition, given that I do my damnest not to be bigoted, nor do I lie, that does make me (and my fellow pro-rights activists who abide by the same personal standards of integrity) morally and intellectually superior. That is not a statement of pride. That is not a baseless comment, either. It is simply a statement of fact.

    Those who lie are morally and intellectually inferior. Those who are bigoted against individual rights are morally inferior. If you do not like the appropriate title being awarded to you and your friends, I would suggest changing your behavior to make the titles less applicable. But, given that MikeB302000 cannot even tell the difference between fact and fiction, nor is MikeB302000 even capable of doing elementary-level math, I suppose I should not be surprised that he does not understand the morally- and ethically-lacking nature of bigotry and pointless lies.

  7. why can’t you guys just accept that they really want to diminish gun violence?”

    Except that they use every death, no matter how obscure or twisted to push their agenda.

    And their agenda has been proven again and again not to work.

    It’s only logical that they want just the opposite. They want MORE violence so they can push for MORE control that creats more violence ect ect.

  8. Jacob,

    He has been elected three times:

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent at least $102 million to narrowly win a third term, breaking his previous records for the most expensive self-financed political bid in U.S. history, according to a report released Friday by his campaign.

    Bloomberg was first elected in 2001 by just a three-point margin, and he spent a record $74 million. In his re-election bid in 2005, he stomped his Democratic opponent by nearly 20 points and outspent himself by about $11 million, shelling out a whopping $85.1 million.

    That makes a total of 74 + 85.1 + 102 => $261.1 million.


    Among other reasons because they are criminals that should be prosecuted under 18 USC 241 and/or 18 USC 242. Which, by the way, conviction for such violations of law can result in the capital punishment. I am of the opinion if and/or when they are prosecuted for these crimes serious consideration should be given to the death penalty. Their actions have resulted in the deaths of hundreds if not thousands and they should bear the responsibility for that tremendous loss of life.

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