Quote of the day–Neal Knox

The officer displayed a paper describing a Luger pistol, a relic of the Great War, and ordered the father to produce it. That old gun had been lost, stolen, or misplaced sometime after it had been registered, the father explained. He did not know where it was.

The officer told the father that he had exactly fifteen minutes to produce the weapon. The family turned their home upside down. No pistol. They returned to the SS officer empty-handed.

The officer gave an order and soldiers herded the family outside while other troops called the entire town out into the square. There on the town square the SS machine-gunned the entire family-father, mother, Charley’s two friends, their older brother and a baby sister.

I will never forget the moment. We were sitting on the bunk on a Saturday afternoon and Charley was crying, huge tears rolling down his cheeks, making silver dollar size splotches on the dusty barracks floor. That was my conversion from a casual gun owner to one who was determined to prevent such a thing from ever happening in America.

Neal Knox
The Belgium Corporal, prologue to Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War
[I’m proud to have met and talked to Neal Knox on two occasions. He did amazing things for the gun rights movement. He is one of my heros.

Give very careful consideration to a demand to register your guns.

My conversion to gun owner and civil rights activist was Ruby Ridge.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Neal Knox

  1. For years I have calmly warned people that one day what so recently happened in Nazi Germany and other places (Cambodia comes to mind since I witnessed that massacre). The typical respones has been “That can’t happen here.”

    Joe is an astute observer . . . Ruby Ridge has a whole lot more story behind the scenes than most know. Waco is another example of what these beasts are capable of.

    And for the liberal out there who thinks he is immune to what the powers to-be can and will do, think again. The liberal is just an easier mark. No fight. No core values to defend. No country. Nothing but protoplasm.

  2. Great post Joe, I just placed my pre order for Neals book. -Boyd Kneeland

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