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Because courts have decided that people have an inherent right to use condoms to protect themselves and others during acts of consensual sex (surely an optional activity for both parties), they cannot rule that people do not have an inherent right to use firearms to protect themselves and others during acts of non-consensual violent attack (surely a non-optional activity for the victim of attack).

0926, June 11, 2009
Comment to Second Amendment Might Be Back on Its Way to Supreme Court via Say Uncle.
[Contrast to James Kelly saying, “…the right to own a gun as a relatively meaningless, one-dimensional freedom, and thus interpret the banning of handguns as merely a minor disappointment to the minority of people concerned…”.

Which way will the courts ultimately decide?–Joe]


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  1. Wow, I am deeply honored, not that you chose my comment (it does read well, if I say so myself, now that I look at it again), but that you even read my comment.

  2. I read a lot of stuff I don’t post about. That includes the comments to editorials and blog posts.

    Thank you for your many comments both here and numerous other places on the Internet.

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