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Full disclosure and disclaimer time. I work for Microsoft. The following opinion is my personal opinion and does not represent, to the best of my knowledge, the opinion of anyone in MS management.

The EU is about to fine Intel:

Microsoft and Intel are taking it on the chin in Europe these days. On Wednesday, the EU is expected to bring down a heavy fine on Intel for its myriad anticompetitive activities at the expense of AMD. The Wall Street Journal reports it will be one of the biggest fines in the EU’s history.

The anticompetetition commissioner can fine Intel as much as 10 percent of its annual revenue. That would be a $3.8 billion fine based on 2008 revenue, more than triple the $1.16 billion charged to Microsoft for noncompliance in the EU’s long-running antitrust action against Redmond.

One has to wonder what percentage of the EU income is based on fines and what percentage is based on taxes. But most of all I wonder how long the EU would last without Intel and Microsoft products. I’m sure Intel and Microsoft could do without the EU a lot better than the EU could do without Microsoft and Intel.

I just wish Microsoft and Intel had the gumption and the means to demonstrate that to those commies.


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  1. As far as who could do better without whom (not sure I got that grammar right), I’m quite sure you’re correct… and I’d laugh if Intel and MS simply pulled out of the EU and said “keep your fines, come and get us!”

  2. Has China’s tech industry reached the level where they can actually do the R&D to match Intel instead of just reverse-engineering?

    I’m sure they would love to step into the vacuum created by Intel taking their ball and going home.

  3. I guess, were I in your shoes, I’d hope that at least somebody had done the risk-vs-loss/gain calculation and that continuing in the market where government is so unrelentingly hostile to your enterprise is not simply a kneejerk reaction.


  4. The EU is just whining, Germany aleady has a SuSe Linux solution for government systems. They are only fining intel because they can. Just like the Somali pirates.

  5. I doubt that it would hurt the EU if Intel and Microsoft pulled out. There are many alternatives that would be happy to pick up the slack.

    Having said that, I hope (like Mark said) the big-wigs at Wintel are looking at the costs of continuing to play in Europe. And would pull out if it is not profitable to stay.

  6. I personally hope both Microsoft and Intel tell the EU to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. They can tell them the cost of doing business with thieves is to high.

    fwiw I have used AMD processors since 1993.

  7. Come on guys, they have to find the money to fund their socialist/workers paradise somewhere.

    Personally, I wish the cigarette manufacturers would tell the nanny states that they weren’t going to be shipping any more cigarettes into their states or paying those tobacco taxes.

    Think about how many underground jobs that woukld create.

  8. It could work out. Because if they both stopped doing business with any EU entity. The Eu would then fine the others into leaving. Greed is not known for rationality.

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