Quote of the day–John Longenecker

Gun control is more about control than anything else, accepting gun control is about abandoning our self-rule more than anything else. The armed citizen is not only a matter of personal self-defense or even ego, the armed citizen is a aggregate national defense as the safeguard of our supreme authority over our officials and their boondoggles. An armed citizenry means that so many programs simply are not needed. The problem with electing not to carry this personal burden is that it doesn’t end at your choosing to carry a gun or not–for, someone else is more than eager to replace our entire self-rule and rule over all of us, not just you.

John Longenecker
February 15, 2009
Gun Control: the very first pig with lipstick on it.
[The bearing of arms is a very individualist thing. There are many, many people in the world when asked, “Who is the ultimate authority?” would answer their god(s), or some ruler is. The true individual knows they are governed only by the consent of the whole people and should those public servants ever decide to change the relationship between servant and master the whole of the people must have a means of revoking their consent and enforcing it. And that is why the right to keep and bear arms is required for all free people. Those that wish to infringe upon that right either do not wish to be free or wish to be rulers.–Joe]