Boomershoot 2009 update

Sorry for the light blogging the last few days. Lots and lots of Boomershoot stuff to work on.

There are two positions that have just opened up. Positions 8 and 17, both in “Lowlands”, are now open. Sign up here.

Odds and ends:

  • A quick update on the weather… it has been snowing about every other day in Moscow (400 feet lower than the Boomershoot site). They got six inches yesterday.
  • I paid the deposit for the Saturday night dinner.
  • I arranged for a bartender for the social hour.
  • We have a tentative speaker for the dinner–Sean Carlock. Carlock is the shooter in this video, is a “technical advisor” for Nightforce, custom rifle builder, and former Boomershooter.
  • I’m really looking forward to seeing and chatting with all the bloggers that are showing up for Boomershoot Gun Blogger Day (schedule and outline of the events is here).

Update: April 3, 8:38 AM. Both open positions have been filled. One was taken by some people that attended regularly for a few years in the early days and were avid Blanchard Blast shooters. But I haven’t seen them in ages. I frequently look at the pictures of them on the web site (the three in the foreground) and wonder what happened to them. I got a call from one of them this morning and he was asking if he should bring hip waders to get through the mud. “No”, I told him, “But you might want to bring snowshoes.”

Update2: Sean says he can’t make it.


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