Quote of the day–M. Carol Bambery

The District would like to restrict women’s choice of firearm to those it gauges most appropriate rather than to allow rational women the ability to decide whether a handgun is more suited to their needs. Petitioner’s Brief cites two articles from firearms magazines in which a shotgun is mentioned as appropriate for home defense. Pet. Br. at 54-55. An assembled shotgun is certainly better than nothing and could provide deterrence benefits provided it is accessible to a woman. However, most women are best served by a handgun, lighter in weight, lighter in recoil, far less unwieldy for women with shorter arm spans, and far more easily carried around the home than a shotgun or rifle. Moreover, women who are holding a handgun are able to phone for assistance, while any type of long gun requires two hands to keep the firearm pointed at an assailant.

M. Carol Bambery
Brief of amicae curiae 126 women state legislators and academics in support of respondent.
[It’s called Freedom of Choice. And ultimately the Supreme Court said it was a specific enumerated right too.–Joe]