Montana got their attention

Someone at the U.S. Treasury department is checking out the proposed (and making good progress) Montana law telling the Feds to stuff it on guns that don’t cross the state border.

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4 thoughts on “Montana got their attention

  1. I don’t mind them visiting. I figure I get just as much valuable information from them as they get from me. In this case I know the are looking at the proposed Montana law. Other times I know they are looking at what people are saying about their agents, etc.

  2. Sometimes the nosy bastards can be useful.

    I recently called sheriff Joe Apaio a jackass and ‘the sleaziest sheriff in America’ in one of my posts.

    The next day I got a hit from a DSL line registered to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office.

    Message delivered- no postage stamps required 😉

  3. I’ve delivered a few “messages” myself. Many of them to the Brady Bunch and a few to Chuck Schumer.

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