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You’re going to be paying for passing out this Monopoly money for the rest of your lives, even if you were just born today and live to be 100, and in return, they’ll graciously allow you to keep a little bit extra of your own money. The only people to whom this could sound like a good deal probably get outwitted by flatworms on a regular basis.

There are mornings when I just put my head in my hands and think “Screw it, let it burn.” But I don’t have kids, so that’s an easy out for me…

Tamara K.
February 13, 2009
Taking Retards To The Zoo.
[I do have kids and I think the same thing at times. I figure my kids, smart and hard working, will end up on top of the ash heap and will build a better civilization having observed first-hand the stupidity of socialism.–Joe]


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  1. Our parents’ generation observed first-hand the stupidity of socialism in Europe and Asia, and they embraced FDR.

  2. Ahhh, but that was closer to second-hand than first-hand and “We will do it smarter when we do it.”

    Having actually been forced to live through it and not having anyplace to run to and having the means to resist the would be rulers sending them to the camps may provide a different lesson for our children.

  3. Closer to second-hand in the sense that it wasn’t quite in full bloom here, but they had to fight the bastards first-hand over there, both directly and in the “Cold War” that followed. Nearly every family in America lost someone, or a close friend, in W.W. II.

    I guess they never really understood what is was they were fighting. That’s the only explanation I can envision at the moment, to explain the continued march of socialism here, all through the 20th century, which is why I deem the elimination of “public education” (or as I’ll put it from now on; the “separation of education and state”) so vitally important to the survival (or renewal) of liberty. We could only have reached this point from a position of mass ignorance.

  4. I think I heard the best comment today about public eduaction as seen in America. It was used as a comparision for a new part we were hearing about.
    “To prevent timing issues everything gets slowed down. Think of it this way, that really bright kid in American schools who ends up drummer for his classmates benefit, we do that to the logic gates!”

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