Our New Castro

Via Limbaugh’s web site, we have a transcript of a PBS broadcast in which Obama is being compared to Fidel Castro.  It’s a favorable piece.  If you’re a 24/7 subscriber you can get the PBS audio.  I heard it this morning on the radio.

And that is, one, this notion of feeling that now we have a guy named Obama in the White House, we have President Obama now, there are many young people who are as ecstatic and as excited and as enthused about President Obama as you were about your new president, Fidel Castro.

They’re “ecstatic and excited”.  Now they have what they believe is the American version of the Cuban revolution, poised and ready to roll.  I would have thought they’d have been a little less overt about it, but I guess they think they can take off the masks now.


3 thoughts on “Our New Castro

  1. When the new American Castro starts nationalizing industries (oops, I mean when he gets several more nationalized), will there be an exodus of the smarter, more wealthy US citizens, as there was in Cuba after 1959? Just asking

  2. That was Tavis Smiley doing the talking. He’s one of the most bigoted people I’ve ever heard on the radio, and he’s African-American. His biases show so profoundly in everything he says that I wouldn’t count what he says for much.

    Seriously. Listen to him for a few minutes (if you stomach it) and you’ll hear someone that is just dripping with hatred and disdain and disrespect for anyone of a different color than himself.

  3. “..will there be an exodus…?”

    To where? Without the U.S. as bastion of freedom, there’s nowhere left to go. This is one reason why the failed socialists (all socialists) worldwide have hated the U.S. for so long, and why the U.S. has been blamed for said failures.

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