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The larger question is: how many of those who have gone out and purchased firearms and ammo will actually use them? I believe a large number would bring those weapons to bear against criminals who would steal and threaten their families and property, but, how many would use them against the criminal state as it moves to seize their weapons, as was done in New Orleans, when the next “emergency” occurs, be it an economic meltdown or terrorist attack?

Michael Gaddy
Buy, Buy, Buy
January 5, 2008
[Good question. I wish I knew the answer.–Joe]


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  1. Not everyone is willing to kill another human being over a matter of principle.

    But if we estimate that only 1 in 100 (a pretty conservative estimate) is willing to fight for their freedom, out of 70 million gun owners that is a 700,000 person fighting force. If Grossman’s estimate of 3 in 100 holds true, that is a 2.1 million person fighting force.

    Guns are like vaccinations, not everyone has to get one, but enough people need to have them to provide some protection for those that don’t.

  2. If the 1:100 or 3:100 estimate were accurate, we’d have seen at dozens of people taking up arms against the door-to-door seizures in NOLA. Since that is our most current example, and as far as I know there were zero instances of armed resistance, wouldn’t we have to lower that 1:100 estimate by quite a lot? Below 1:1,000 or even far lower would seem to be indicated from the NOLA results. Discuss.

  3. Lyle, you might be right, but consider the circumstances. There was a very apparent emergency – people were literally wading through it – and many people figured if they went along, they’d be helped to survive and then have their guns returned. It was also extremely localized. I imagine the reaction would be far different if the situation was the implementation of a nation-wide permanent confiscation in a time of not readily-apparent danger.

  4. I don’t believe NOLA is a good example to use to determine a level of resistance to gun confications. 1st, the majority of people likely to fight back are those who prepare and the vast majority of those booked when it became apparent the hurricane was truly coming. 2nd, an overwhelming number of those left in the city were long established veterans of the welfare (u owe me, man) state and unwilling or unable to wipe themselves much less resist. 3rd, the media seriously downplayed any stories of resistance. I saw & read on the net several stories of individuals and small neighbohoods that basically told the “rescuers” to f*** off and take a hike. One I remember distictly was a man being evacuated by boat and when told he couldn’t take his dogs, refused to go. At that point a LEO in the boat went to shoot the dog and found himself looking down the wrong end of a shotgun. They miracuously discovered they could take the dogs at that point!

  5. I agree with Joe. NOLA is not in my view a good example. If a confiscation were to occur say during the BHO reign, some sort of serious resistance will occur. People are beginning to realize what is happening. If this nation gets disarmed by force, this nation is finished—total loss of freedom and liberty. Bondage. Read the current events of the day and put 2 and 2 together. Communism is in power in the USA. The lid has not been removed yet, but the jar is ready to puke tyranny on us.

    People need to read history and I mean recent history to get an education on false prophets and self made messiah’s.

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