Quote of the day–Brian Doherty

In the face of an administration that undoubtedly only respects gun rights to the extent that its supporters have the political power to harm it, gun rights forces do need to keep their powder dry; perhaps even excessively stocked. Paranoids may not always have real and effective enemies, but in politics, as in life, paranoia can keep you safe.

Brian Doherty
January 30, 2009
The President Is Not a Gun Slinger: Why the 2nd Amendment is safe under President Obama—for now
[H/T to SayUncle. The way I look at it the only way you can have too many guns or an excess of ammo and explosives is if starts cutting into ability to shelter yourself or your supply of medicine, water, food, and sex.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Brian Doherty

  1. “…[P]aranoia can keep you safe.”

    The entire disarmament movement is predicated upon this hypothesis.

    I buy bulk ammo supplies because it lessens the impact of hazmat fees, and it’s also a form of speculation that has so far allowed me to ride out volatility of prices.

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