Quote of the day–William Earl Dungey

So, since I know how to use machine guns, automatic weapons, submachine guns, rifles, pistols, explosives and other such – like I know how to find the proper place and time to defecate so as not to upset the public nor my friends and family – I don’t need the regulations, laws and infringement on my rights to be armed and dangerous. I also don’t advocate destruction of my community, government nor world to make it my way – but then I do think there are more good people in the world than bad – but the bad ones tell lies, cheat and dishonor their ancestors for personal gain and general stupidity. I remain, armed and dangerous, but then that is all in my mind and not in yours, you never think about me – just the old man in the back of the room.

William Earl Dungey
December 6, 2008
One issue people, arise and think…. it matters