We hear from our friend in Israel

…almost daily;

Obama may not get the 6 months Biden said the new president would have before he was “tested.”   President Bush may be the one.
While everyone was looking elsewhere, Syria has enveloped Lebanon and moved the Syrian 3rd Army to Israel’s border.  In the meantime the cease-fire farce with Hamas is a shooting war.  In the last 36 hours we had rockets fired into Israel.  Last evening we raided into the Strip, Hamas responded with 20 Mortar bombs. What followed this morning the Jerusalem Post calls “Massive” Kassam rocket fire into Israel.
This is all being fueled by the Israeli and American elections.
I mourn the Republic.

Surely this sort of thing will be nothing but an uncomfortable memory after the world is “united” by Obama.  The oceans will recede, the clouds of suspicion between cultures will part, earthquakes, storms, pain and hunger will be a thing of the past, the Angels of Peace, Love and Tranquility will sing forever more above all the skies of the world.  Yea, and there will be much rejoicing, amen.


4 thoughts on “We hear from our friend in Israel

  1. But, remember, Obama wanted to meet with the leaders of Syria and Iran, with no pre-set requirements. I am sure just sitting down and talking with those terrorists world leaders will make everything all better and beautiful and stuff.

    My prayers are definitely with Israel, religiously ironic or not.

  2. Sure; the terrorists are just lonely, misunderstood, and a little insecure. They’ll probably settle down, get jobs and start raising families as soon as we start being nicer and more understanding (and quit being productive, ban alcohol, eliminate our credit banking system, pull all military forces from everywhere, keep our females out of school and force them to stay out of sight, adopt their form of Islam, ban all other religions, banish the Jews, allow them to wipe Israel off the map and finish Hitler’s Final Solution, execute all homosexuals, et al).

    But if we get unicorns in the bargain, that should make up for it all. Flying unicorns, too, damn it. None of that Earthbound species. Then I won’t mind not having oil or electricity, ’cause I can get around on my flying unicorn, what feeds on grass (and so I won’t need gas for the lawnmower) left-over bean sprouts and old tofu. Make that four flying unicorns. I need four ’cause I have a family. Either that or the big sport utility flying unicorn (SUFU) that can haul as much as my gigantic, American, 4 x 4, eight-foot bed, super cab, air-conditioned pickup. At least a half-ton SUFU, with the towing package and a big antenna for my ham radio. Oh, and a gun rack. And it can’t mind having my 17 ft. Grumman canoe strapped on top either. It had better be one big damned unicorn or I’m going to be pissed.

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