I’m very depressed today. I can’t even blame it on Internet sex (it should be safe for work). It’s the election. I voted yesterday and I think that started it.

Then at the cafeteria at work there is a woman that for some reason has been particularly friendly to me. She recognizes when I show up at a different time than usual and always wants to talk a bit (it’s time to introduce her to my wife…). Yesterday she asked if I was excited about “the big day tomorrow”. I told her I was rather depressed about it actually–it is the choice between the lesser of two evils. I then asked if she was excited about it. “I. Am. SO. Excited. About it.” she said. I wanted to tell her how many people were murdered last century by attempts to make socialism work. Was she excited to be a part of the next attempt? Was she looking forward to adding her body and the bodies of millions of others to the pile?

It’s the Second Coming or something. Once the Messiah is on his throne all will be forgiven, all will be peace and love.

I see ethics, rules, and the law do not matter to them. I see Brown Shirts.


10 thoughts on “Depression

  1. There was an interview with Matt Lauer (sp?) this morning. The subject was today’s “chance”, for the first time in history, to vote for a black man for the highest office in the land. Race, all race, and nothing but race. My wife watches this crap. I invited her to think of how this would be presented if, say, Condi Rice or better yet, Janice Rogers-Brown were on the ballot against a white Democrat man. Heh.

  2. They also have a “chance” to vote for a woman in the VP position. Which puts her in a good position to run for the top office in the near future. Did they talk about that “chance”?

  3. Not in that segment, I’m sure. I couldn’t stomach any further viewing. I did later this afternoon hear someone mention the sex issue. It was on alphabet network radio news. None of the conservative talk shows mentioned it that I know– they’re not so obsessed with race and sex as the Old Media.

  4. If the fools who voted for this messiah really knew Obama’s history, would they still have vote for him?

  5. They don’t care—If it holds out(damn exit polling) then I will not look upon him as my president. I can’t. It is sad, so sad that so many people look for a helping hand from the government rather than at the end of their own arm. But, hey, on the bright side, I won’t have to buy gas anymore or pay my mortgage. Do I stop paying it now, or in Jan?

  6. I’m not bitter, I’m pissed. And Armed. I vote.

    I will not pay attention to the election results until tomorrow morning at the earliest. For now, it is just jaw flapping by talking heads trying to sound good.

  7. Terry, I think his communist past, and present, was part of his appeal to a lot of people.

    The poor economic conditions further enhances support for communists. It was just time for the United States to finally fall to communism.

  8. Joe, I was a student at SF State in the mid sixties when the SDS, Weathermen, etc. were running around terrorizing people. These were and still are communists. They will not rest and now have a messiah to direct.

    Ten years ago when one of the SDS women was releasd from prison I told a friend that these commies are not done with their job. They are now resurfacing like maggots on an overturned deceased cat.

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