Bigotry and ignorance on display

What follows is what the believers of unity think of gun owners. Sometimes I just have to shake my head at the extraordinary displays of bigotry and ignorance of those that think they are enlightened. From the comments:

bengaliman Oct 20 08, 11:03am

Ignorant fools who deserve every bit of bad news they get. Lets hope they use it on themseleves at soem point. Lets face it they are racists who wont come out with what they really think.

Ahh… yes. Someone who thinks they can read the minds of other people and is ignorant of the racist origins of gun control. I’ll ignore his spelling errors…

Struggling Oct 20 08, 11:32am

Hear the store guys’ closing words: He’s a hard nut to crack.

Their effort to convince Marc must have been all the bullshit they were spouting about Obama.

Just shows the extremity of some people’s distance from reality. Their viewing must be entirely Fox or some cable effort of even more extreme outlook. I don’t know what their reading might be (Mein Kampf would be a funny suggestion but an unfair one may be??).

These are people perhaps Obama is not going to be able to convince? Perhaps his drive for votes might not need to expend so much on them?

Crazy guys.

Obama has me convinced. His record is clear.

MrPoisson Oct 20 08, 12:18pm

These are people perhaps Obama is not going to be able to convince?

Well that’s a given – there’s a vast population of gun totin’, chequered shirted, and outspokenly racist redneck types across the states. I went (out of bemused curiosity) to a pawn shop/gun range in south Florida which was entirely staffed and frequented by a section of society you wouldn’t want to have access to a pen knife let alone an enormous 7.62mm assault rifle. They all seem to possess that stubborn, unwavering, and willfully ignorant patriotism which really has no place in todays world.

I just hope the latest polls accurately reflect these idiots.

7.62mm is “enormus” and he thinks we are idiots? And how was it he determined the people at the gun range should have access to a pen knife? Was it because of their checkered shirts or was it because they were patriotic? The important part is he doesn’t think people with the viewpoints opposed to his have a place in “todays world”. I’m reminded of someone else who had similar thoughts.

Roosterbooster198 Oct 20 08, 12:47pm

Secession for the East and West coasts looks more attractive by the day. Secede, and leave these imbeciles to rot in Third World squalor.

This guy displays mind-boggling ignorance of reality. And he really, really, doesn’t want to go there. If the heartland put an blockade on the food and water flowing into the East and West coasts within two weeks there will only be rats and cannibals crawling through the rubble of the burned out cities. The farmers, ranchers, miners, factory, and construction workers may not be able to get much content on their TV sets and their medical resources would be diminshed but they would have plenty of food, water, and ammunition as they manned the big dirt berms pushed up around the cities and put out the run away fires, and shot the arrogant elistists who believe themselves smarter and superior as they attempted to crawl out of the hell they created for themselves.

jigen Oct 20 08, 4:31pm

The National Rifle Association — which is the lobby for gun manufacturers and sellers, but poses as an organization fighting for the rights of the little guy — has been putting out literature saying ‘Obama will take your guns’. The literature even looks like an Obama flier, which must be confusing for these hillbillies when they see a stack of them at the local gun-show.

In a way, I feel sorry for these people. They are under-educated — products of a school system the Republican Party wants to keep in place because it favors them — and fearful, because they are told to be afraid. If it comes to the crunch, these people aren’t going to be the ones who survive. What will they do, make their own bullets? The stockpile won’t last for long, and survival will need intelligence, strength and good health much more than cowardice, brute force and a lack of fashion sense.

The NRA is a lobby for gun manufactures and sellers? This is an extraordinarily common belief among anti-gun socialists. My hypothesis is their hatred of capitalism blinds them to reality–they are incapable of seeing the world other than in terms of the “evils of capitalism” and those that oppose socialism are either dupes of, or in collusion with, the capitalists. In the case of the NRA it is very, very clear they are completely, totally, wrong.

Under-educated? I have a BSEE and MSEE, my wife has two college degrees, our only son has a BS in computer science, and both daughters are in college. I have to wonder what sort of education jigen has such that he thinks I and/or my family are under-educated. Yes, people can and do make their own bullets. And I love it when he mentions fashion sense as related to “survival”.


11 thoughts on “Bigotry and ignorance on display

  1. How about this comment:


    Oct 20 08, 3:06pm (about 6 hours ago)

    As an American who owns a couple dozen guns you can bet your arse I’ll be voting for Obama! First he’s not going to take any guns away from anyone except maybe for some criminal gang members and mentally unsound people. Secondly there’s no doubt that my gun ownership is safer in Obama’s hands then McCain’s for the simple fact that Obama supports the US Constitution where my gun ownership right is protected, McCain doesn’t. And thirdly under a McCain presidency the economy would be so bad chances are I’d have to sell off my guns at discount prices just to afford to have a few scraps to eat.”

    What planet is this idiot from?

  2. After reading all of the comments from that article, I can say that I have never seen such a collection of racist idiocy in one place before. England is truly doomed.

  3. Scary!!!

    As a side note, anyone who believes that Obama wishes to protect the 2nd Amendment more than McCain is on something!!


  4. Thanks Ry. It wouldn’t be hard to mistake it for a parody of the liberal mindset:

    False, dangerous, misguided . . . and justified. Liberalism in a nutshell.

    I read it and saved a copy.

    I envision it being required reading material when I show up at the cities edge with my pickup filled with drums of water, frozen deer meat, and sacks of lentils. I would sit on the tailgate chewing on a piece of grass, a pistol on my hip, an AR-15 across my lap and ask those begging for food and water, “Are you one of these liberals?”

  5. Lets take their argument (that we’re inferior) as a given. Does that mean we have no rights? Weren’t they supposed to be all in favor of looking out for the less fortunate? Standing up for the disadvantaged?

    Looking at it this way, it seems to me they see this as a contest between potential dictatorships (the “progressive” dictator wanabes on one side and the “hillbilly” dictator wanabes on the other) and they don’t want to be ruled by hillbilly dictators.

    What they fail to realize is that we “hillbillies” don’t want anyone dictating at all. What they fail to see is that if we hillbillies get our way, they will be as free as they’ve ever wanted to be. The problem they have with that scenario is that we would also be free.

    I say it’s therefore entirely hate motivated. They could never tolerate the idea of leaving us alone, even if it benefitted them. They don’t want a good economy if it means you and I can be free. They don’t want their options open if it means we have options. They don’t want rights if it means they have to watch us thrive, and raise kids who thrive. That would be intolerable.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is socialism in a nutshell.

    The socialist would vehemently disagree of course. They’d say just the opposite—that they are motivated by nothing but love and a desire for understanding and unity. When you find out what they really think, as indicated in the above listed quotes, you see otherwise. You see pure, irrational hatred.

    Either you get it or you don’t. Either you favor liberty or you’re a socialist who hates society enough to throw the concept of rights out the window (selectively of course, because you’re oh, so thoughtful) in favor of a control state (and probably never really understood the concept of rights in the first place). For those who get it, there is a question that I hear coming up more and more often; “So, what do we actually do about it?” We see this happening in broad daylight (the loss of freedom) and there appears to be nothing we can do about it. We sit and wait for that great leader– that political figure of our dreams who’ll finally stand up and speak like an American, run for president, and promise to cut the fed gov down to its constitutional size.

    No such leader is on the horizon. Certainly no living Republican has the balls. Anyone I’d want to take that role has already said they’d never survive the politics, they have a real life to live, don’t want the pay cut, etc.. But I say, and others have said it; there’s a slam dunk victory just waiting for the right heavyweight fighter to come along and put the socialists out of power. The constitution and the laws are still on our side, but you have to wonder for how long.

  6. their medical resources would be diminshed
    Perhaps not as much as one might think, though. Houston, Texas has some of the best hospitals in the United States from what I understand…the Texas Medical Center, Texas Children’s Hospital, Methodist Hospital, the Texas Heart Institute…

  7. I like the quote that references a “school system the Republicans want to keep in place because it favors them.” Either I or the original poster is almost clinically deluded as to the nature of the world we live in, and I don’t think its me.

  8. Joe, you are smart and educated, your children are smart and educated. But the Libs don’t use “educated” the same way you and I use the word.

    To a liberal…

    undereducated = failed indoctrination

    Educated = successful indoctrination


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