Ignore the man behind the curtain

From Nevada Appeal (ignore the error about Biden being the presidential nominee instead of the vice presidential nominee):

Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware said Friday that Nevadans shouldn’t listen to claims he and Barack Obama would take away the right to bear arms.

“I get a kick out of, sometimes, the NRA saying we’re going to take your shotguns away,” he said in a telephone interview with the Nevada Appeal.

“Both of us believe strongly in the Second Amendment,” Biden said. “We do not believe in registration. We do believe in limits on some of the weapons. You can’t have your own flame-thrower or bazooka. And legislation in relation to assault weapons doesn’t affect hunters or sportsmen.

“We are two Democrats who voted against gun control,” he said.

But, Biden said, there is room for common-sense laws relating to such things as carrying concealed weapons.

That’s right. You shouldn’t listen to what people are saying about his record. Listen only to what he wants you to hear. “Assault weapons”? Concealed carry? You’re just a hunter. You don’t need to concern yourself with those things. We’ll send those people off to the prison camps first and you don’t need to worry about them because your gun is a good gun. Those other guys have bad guns.


6 thoughts on “Ignore the man behind the curtain

  1. It’s funny that he mentions flamethrowers and bazookas. IIRC, neither are regulated though it I guess that HE bazooka ammo probably is.

  2. Yeah, I was going to say that I went to a shoot once where there were not one, but two flamethrowers. And three guys brought practice grenades for their grenade-launcher equipped rifles (two SKSs and an Enfield.)

  3. Seems like all they ever talk about is shotguns. I’d like to have one of those expensive shooters that biden owns, bet it’s never been fired.

  4. Opps,forgot, they won’t be able to take our shotguns away until they get all these other “ASSUALT WEAPONS” away from us and how are they going to do that.

  5. All of this “I’m good with guns, no REALLY” day in and day out smacks with fear.

    It seems to me someone is doing the math, and panicking.

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