The NRA and the Brady campaign agree

The NRA website has the details. The basics are:

This week, in a testament to his anti-gun record, Barack Obama also received a presidential endorsement from the Brady Campaign.

So, once again, the Brady Campaign and NRA are in total agreement—Barack Obama is, by far, the most anti-gun presidential nominee in history and he certainly deserves the endorsement of one of the most outspoken anti-gun organizations in the country.

NRA-ILA has repeatedly documented Obama’s anti-gun stance; but if any doubt remains about Obama’s true position on the Second Amendment, his endorsement from the Brady Campaign should dispel it.

Voting for Obama will be asking for a return the era of Bill Clinton only worse. Bill Clinton and his policies were significant motivators for me to buy my first gun. It was Diane Feinstein that motivated me to manufacture my own explosives. You don’t want to know what Obama will motivate me to do.


One thought on “The NRA and the Brady campaign agree

  1. Just the possibility of an Obama presidency has motivated me to finally go buy the AR pattern rifles that I’ve been meaning to get, or at least the pieces and parts for them.

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