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If a domestic violence report is filed, the police should forcefully search for any and all weapons owned by the alleged abuser. The police should have broad discretion and lean on the side of protecting women and not worrying about a batterer’s “gun rights”. If a woman’s charges of domestic violence are unwarranted, then a gun owner can get their rights restored later — that’s why we have a court system and procedures.

Mike of Gun Guys
April 4, 2008
With So Many Men Owning Guns, Domestic Violence Is Difficult to Prevent for Justice System
[And the reason we don’t violate a person’s rights on the basis of a single accusation is because we have a court system and procedures. If someone is not fit to own a gun then prove it in court where the gun owner has a chance to defend themselves. If these guys applied the same logic to the First Amendment they would change their tune. On the first accusation of them using their website to lie about the NRA or gun owners their website would be taken down, all their computers confiscated, and they would be forbidden to talk to the media. They could try to prove the charge of libel was unwarranted later in court. If they were lucky their First Amendment rights would be restored sometime within the next year after spended tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

See also my other comments about this same post here.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Mike of Gun Guys

  1. I claim Mike of the Gun Guys is a pedophile. He should now be thrown in jail and have his rights removed until he can prove he’s never fondled a child.

  2. Notice the lack of any mention of the false accuser being punished. Also note that requiring all men take a mental examination before getting “permission” to own a gun is referred to as a “sensible approach”, and that girls (through the public school system of course) are to be taught the phrase, “I Don’t Date Boys Who Own Guns.” The latter echoes the Temperance Movement’s phrase of yore; “Lips that touch alcohol will never touch mine” (using sex to lure men into compliance). And we all know Prohibition worked out so very, very well for society, don’t we?

    Men are predators, legal guns cause violence (no mention of what happens when all guns are illegal) women are blameless victims (and they’d be safer without the means of protecting themselves) kids are to be indoctrinated within the school system, and liberty is to be ignored for safety’s sake. There’s nothing new in any of this.

    And whatever you do, never mention the Constitution or the philosophy behind it.

    Bottom line; Men suck, liberty sucks, and above all, America sucks and needs to be “changed” into a full-on police state, you know, for the good of the people.

  3. I was charged with a felony that was later dropped, non-violent to boot. I’m still fighting that BS! Every time I buy a weapon I have an imposed waiting period, CPL or not. (FYI my NICS comes back with a hit that is later cleared.)

    It’s much easier to strip someone’s rights away than give them back.

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