Quote of the day–Mike of Gun Guys

We believe that this domestic violence prevention strategy “should” be implemented. However, we recognize that it would be difficult to implement all these measures due to the clout of the gun lobby and subsequent lack of political will and resources.

In lieu of this, GunGuys.com has considered launching a new “cultural change” campaign with a simple message to young women:

“I Don’t Date Boys Who Own Guns.”

Mike of Gun Guys
With So Many Men Owning Guns, Domestic Violence Is Difficult to Prevent for Justice System
April 4, 2008
[I wonder if he has also considered a campaign with these simple messages to young women “I Don’t Date Black (Jewish/Italian/Chinese/whatever) Boys”. It would be entirely consistent if he did. One form of bigotry is just as valid as any other.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Mike of Gun Guys

  1. “I Don’t Date Boys Who Own Guns.”

    (So, I’ll never get laid if I own guns, huh?. Better not tell my wife.)

    That’s eerily similar to a slogan (actually it was a song) used by the Temperance Movement during the run-up to Prohibition:

    “Lips that Touch Liquor Shall Never Touch Mine.”

    It’s worth repeating, too, how distilled spirits were singled out, and how beer and wine producers went along with this. The goal, however, was to ban all alcohol, which they did– except for the black market trade. But the same “divide and conquer” strategy is used by the anti-gun puritans today.

  2. Wow, they “considered launching” the campaign. That’s f’in commitment right there. If I was getting any I’d be worried about becoming a celibate pariah overnight.

  3. Oh, and FWIW, my son is 14, he owns guns, he wears pro-gun t-shirts to school once in a while, he wears a camo patterned coat to school, he hunts, sometimes wears on a keychain the spent .280 cartridge case he used to kill his last deer, and he competes in the school trap shooting team. The girls are all over him, in a big way. He was asked to the prom recently by a high school senior. He’s a freshman.

    Phelps’ comment above is more apropos (even all punning aside).

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