Quote of the day–Pat Kelley

You put on the most politically incorrect event on the planet.

Pat Kelley
October 5, 2008
Referring to Boomershoot.
[Pat was at the USPSA match I went to today. I think it has been 10 years since I have seen Pat. He remembered me and said a lot of flattering things. I was a little embarrassed because he is such a great shooter he is totally out of my league. But he wasn’t talking about my shooting ability. See also these quotes from him in other posts:

He also tried shooting my Saiga 12 gauge. He had never shot one before. He was not able to out-shoot it even though he believes it probably is possible. I wish I had thought to put a timer on him and see what sort of splits he got. I just saw a blur of fire expel from the ejection port and the 10 round magazines were empty.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Pat Kelley

  1. The natural period of a standard AK action is about 10 rounds/sec.. The shotgun is going to be fairly close to that, but a bit slower. At a WAG I’d say 8. If so, Pat would need to hasten it up just a little to reach the max. At some point you’re bump firing.

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