Another blogger on my list

In the right column I have a list of the bloggers I have met. I just found out a friend from way back (nearly 25 years) just started a blog. I’m not sure the general population of readers here will find all that much to agree with her on politics but she does take pretty pictures and says she will be posting her pictures there.

I have referred to her in my posts here a few times as one of my lesbian friends and she is the one that wrote the email referenced here. I tend to avoid discussing politics with her. Chess, places we have worked together, and other geeky stuff can keep us happily chatting for a long time however. And then there was the time I took her and her friend to the nudist club…


5 thoughts on “Another blogger on my list

  1. cmblake6, The nudist club we went to was in the Seattle area.

    ASM826, That’s all the story that needs to be told and I actually make it more interesting than it actually was with the part that I did tell. It can be very boring at nudist clubs.

  2. The last time I went to a nudist club I didn’t own a gun. The next time I go I will probably use a fanny pack for the STI and/or other defensive tools I bring along.

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