Shotgunning: 12 shots in 1.73 seconds

Very impressive video from Berreta (the link is broken, but it might have been this video):

Not just the speed (0.144 seconds per shot) but the accuracy at that speed. I have always been super impressed with Pat Kelley and it appears this guy is on par with Pat. Here is a quote from Pat when I saw him shooting at a match:

Damn Benelli!  As soon as you try to do a point one three split the hammer follows the bolt down.  It’ll do a point one four, but you get yourself in trouble as soon as you try a point one three.

Pat Kelley
IPSC Grandmaster
Wily Coyote Three Gun Shoot
Whitebird, Idaho
August 2, 1998, 11:45 AM
Referring to his shotgun that malfunctioned when he tried to shoot it faster than it was capable of shooting.

This reminds me that I have another quote from Pat that I’ll use for tomorrows QOD.