Cranking up the attack

The Apex of the Triangle of Death is cranking up the attack on Obama. The latest is this news release and brochure. There is also the website Find lots of juicy tidbits like, “Just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right.” I wonder how he would respond to someone that said something similar about the 13th Amendment.

The odds makers have Obama winning. Former President Clinton says, “I predict that Senator Obama will win and win pretty handily.” Of course Clinton is a pathological liar so we can dismiss whatever he says and perhaps even go with just the opposite of what he says. For this reason and others I’m betting on the NRA and predict University of Idaho (everyone in my family is either a graduate or working on a degree from there) graduate Sarah Palin is going to win.


4 thoughts on “Cranking up the attack

  1. Tam, I read your post before making mine but with my wife waiting on me in bed I didn’t think to include a link. I’ve corrected that oversight. Thanks.

  2. One of Wernher’s kids, Maggie Von Braun, is a prof there, I believe.
    A guy I usedta know sat behind her in German class in Huntsville high school. She aced German, of course, but reputedly could make people laugh to the point of diaphragm spasm by speaking German with an Alabama accent.

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