Quote of the day–Jeff Knox

Watch the media – both the gun media and the LameStream media – and pound them every time they use the word “allow” or other language that turns your rights into privileges.  The word “allow” is the most obvious offence, but any language which requests permission rather than demanding that infringements be stopped, is part of the problem.


Jeff Knox
08-12-2008 12:41
“Allow” Me Not!
[If you have even the slightest doubt as to what Jeff is talking about then read the whole thing. See also State of mind for defending the RKBA and Just One Question. It boils down to when they say “allow” we need to turn it around and demand to know why we should allow them to infringe our rights. And this applies to all freedoms not just rights associated with firearms. We need a mindset of a personal sovereignty (H/T to Kevin for that link).–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Jeff Knox

  1. Excellent comment! High truth. WTF gives them the right to infringe on our Constitutionally RECOGNIZED(NOT granted) rights? For example.

  2. Right on, Jeff, and Joe.

    I’m tired of hear about “lax” gun laws here, or “weak” gun laws there, or the occasional “permissive”… What a load of crap. That’s the language of dictatorships everywhere.

    Obviously we have been far too lax, weak, and permissive with our legislators! It’s as though the house maid has taken over the deed to our property, then “permits” us to hang around on her terms.

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