Quote of the day–Tamara K.

This is not how war works. This is an aberration, a relatively recent Anglo-American twist on warfare brought to its current fine pitch only by the might of American technology and taxes that allow us to blow up a crude hand-built donkey cart carrying a couple of AK-47’s with a $250,000 computerized satellite-guided bomb. And then worry about the wrath of the ASPCA for hurting the donkey.

Think about that the next time you rail at America’s “brutal, fascist war machine”.

Tamara K.
August 8, 2008
Further ruminating on South Ossetia…
[I’m not at all happy with a lot of the things that came out of the Bush administration but what bugs me is that the Democrat opposition to Bush is about all the wrong things. The war is one of he few things Bush as done reasonably close to right. Why don’t they complain about the TSA or the expanding power of the ATF? Oh, that’s right, implementing a police state in the US will be useful once they get back in power.–Joe]


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  1. We could take care of the “donkey cart” type targets with a 63 year-old P51D and its six M2 machineguns. Should be able to get three or four of those built for $250,000.

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