Quote of the day–Sen. Frank Lautenberg

Although the NRA and I have certainly had our disagreements over the years, I hope that we can agree that the gun violence prevention debate should be based upon an open and honest exchange of ideas, not on underhanded tactics.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg
August 7, 2008
In a letter to John Sigler, the president of the NRA in regards to an alleged informant, allegedly paid by the NRA, who allegedly infiltrated various gun control groups.
[Isn’t that a hoot! Notice that Lautenberg does not say he would ever be “open and honest” or avoid “underhanded tactics”. Just that “we can agree” it should be based upon that. Does anyone remember how the infamous Lautenberg Amendment got passed? That’s just one very small example of their tactics. Lautenberg’s statement reminds me of the old white man, crying like a baby, in this post of mine.

H/T to Uncle for the link.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Sen. Frank Lautenberg

  1. Is it possible to be “open and honest” or avoid “underhanded tactics” when you’re trying to undermine a constitutionally guaranteed right after having taken an Oath to protect it?

    Should infiltration be off limits to a group of people dedicated to protecting a constitutionally guaranteed right against such predators? I think a massive campaign of undercover operations is in order. We can start with DC, New Jersey, Chicago and NOLA, then move around the country as necessary.

  2. Lyle said it so I don’t have to. As for that particular sock puppet of the Illuminati, just F&#K him SO MUCH!!!!!!

  3. It really is so funny when Lautenberg speaks of open and honest” and avoiding “underhanded tactics”.

    When the NJ Democrat nominated a crook for the Senate, they decided to replace his name with Lautenberg’s. Trouble was the change was past the statuatory deadline for the ballot.

    Not too surprisingly, judges in Trenton found an exception to the law. It seems that it is unconstituional for Dems to nominate a jerk who can’t win.

  4. Bilderbergers, of which Lautenberg is a paid up member, know the necessity of prying the guns from the hands of the populace. New Jersey is a cess-pool of crooks, cheats and corrupt politicians – but I repeat myself.

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