Queen of Smackdown Wields Her Bat

Her baseball bat of truth, that is.  This is simply rich.  And timeless.

Liberals believe in burning the American flag, urinating on crucifixes, and passing out birth control pills to 11-year-olds without telling their parents — but Heaven forbid an infidel touch a Quran at Guantanamo.

But there’s so much more.  RTWT and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Queen of Smackdown Wields Her Bat

  1. It’s hard to wait a week between Ann Coulters columns on The Drudge Report. She has the sharpest wit of every pundit I can think of, at this time.

    she has the

  2. Her poem is classic classic stuff.

    Ann Coulter is like a vampire hunter. Her words are a stake in the heart of liberalism, and as she grows older her aim gets that much more true.

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